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Render texture extension epsxe download

Render texture extension epsxe

29 Feb I'm running ePSXe, trying to get Harvest Moon to work--every time I try to run it, it gives me this error: Missing render-texture extension! followed. 1 Dec Hey, I'm trying to use Pete's open GL2 plugin for espxe , but every time I try to run a game, a notice pops up saying "Missing render-texture. 26 Feb im new to emulators and just installed the ePSXe emulator and all of its " gpuPeteOpenGL2" and it says "Missing render-texture extension".

13 Aug Okay, so I Downloaded ePSXe and the necessary other files to make it work, I just get a window that says "Missing Render-Texture Extension!. 28 Jul However every time I try entering the game it comes up with black screen saying " Missing render-texture extension". Please help me and thank. In your nvidia control panel, add the file to the list of programs to use I get the error "Missing Render Texture Extension" and "No.

21 Oct Hey I'm having trouble getting my ePSXe to run. After I select the iso that I'm wanting to play it says: "Missing render-texture extension!" and "No. 2 Sep But anyways I need help with getting ePSXe version to work. Effect: Shows me a box that read's "Missing render-texture extension!". I have been trying to install ePSXe I do everything I have to, and when I load up a game I get missing render texture extension What do I need to.


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