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A multi-core processor is a single computing component with two or more independent processing units called cores, which read and execute program  Development - Hardware - Software effects - Hardware examples. 15 Jun A CPU that offers multiple cores or hyper-threading may perform significantly better than a single-core CPU of the same speed that doesn't. A core is usually the basic computation unit of the CPU - it can run a single program context (or multiple ones if it supports hardware threads.

Core on the other hand is the one component of a CPU that does the work. It's the Cores are like 2 (or more like 4 core, 6 core) parts of the processor that does. Today's processors are almost all at least dual-core, meaning that the entire processor itself contains two separate cores with which it can process information . 15 Mar What the implications are for the shift to multiple core processors by Intel and AMD and if having more cores is always beneficial for consumers.

Earlier this week, we reported that Intel's rumored first octa-core processor appeared with a GHz base frequency, but this forthcoming Coffee. This definition explains what a quad-core processor is, how it works and how it's common for not only desktops and servers but also smartphones and tablets. A multi-core processor is an integrated circuit (IC) to which two or more processors have been attached for enhanced performance, reduced power consumption.


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