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Java code review tool

13 Sep And Sonar is very useful as it offers fully automated analyses tools and integrates well with Maven, Ant, Gradle, and continuous integration tools. Sonar uses FindBugs, Checkstyle and PMD to collect and analyze source code for bugs, bad code, and possible violation of code style policies. 19 May One of the most boring parts of a Java project, and one that developers invariably shy away from, is the code review. Checking thousands of. This tool is fully customizable. You can configure each plugins (PMD, checkstyle, findbugs, cobertura, ). I have been using FindBugs, which is part of Sonar. There is also a tool called Checkstyle that can check for coding conventions, it may fit your needs.

I use a combination of Cobertura, Checkstyle, (Ecl)Emma and Findbugs. EclEmma is an awesome Eclipse plugin that shows the code coverage by coloring the. Cross-platform IDE with own set of several hundred code inspections available for analyzing code on-the-fly in the editor and bulk analysis of the whole project. Plugins for Checkstyle, FindBugs, and PMD. A leading Java IDE with built-in code inspection and analysis. Plugins for Checkstyle, FindBugs, and PMD. Language - Multi-language - C, C++. 20 Apr Arming developers with the knowledge of code review tools and techniques can increase efficiency and reduce the painfulness of the code.

29 Jul Below is a list of some tools that can help you examine your Java source code for potential problems: 1. PMD from Prevent Code Smells with Static Analysis. I endorse JArchitect for being a promising tool for Java architects and developers because it can greatly improve. If reviewing Java code, references to other classes within the file are and more formal code reviews than other review tools (such as Crucible, Review Board.


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