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10 Dec Acid Rap is a mixtape, not an album. The exact definition of a mixtape has grown and shifted over hip-hop's several-decade history. They've. Check out the Hottest Hip Hop Mixtapes from top artists. Featured and upcoming mixtapes, updated daily!. Over the years, the differences between a mixtape [1] and an album have been smoothed out by various factors. However, here are some differences that have.

Generally, a mixtape is a home-made compilation of music recorded in a specific order, . Because mixtapes and albums have no absolute conditions to divide them, they are instead judged by characteristics of the project, along with what the. Find all the Hip Hop album release dates for in one place. Learn when your favorite artists are releasing new Hip Hop albums and new Rap albums. 4 Dec It's exciting when a popular artist releases a new album—until that same artist drops a hot new mixtape and you're conflicted and confused.

What are you recommendations for mixtapes and albums that are full of bangers because I have people coming over to my house tomorrow and they are into. An album is a project done either independent or though a label for profit. It usually has higher quality than mixtapes since it's more polished and organized but. Tons of people get this confused on what are Singles, EPs, LPs, Albums, and Mixtapes because there are differences between them. So in this brief article I will .


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