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Bethesda hi res dlc optimized download

Bethesda hi res dlc optimized

13 Feb About this mod. Hi-Res DLC is too much for your pc? Try this mod! Texture resizing and optimizations to save VRAM and reduce stuttering. 16 Feb As requested, here is the BSA version of Bethesda Hi-Res DLC Optimized! I decided to keep Normal and BSA versions of the mod separated to. 20 Jun Bethesda Hi-Res DLC Optimized by Vano Bethesda Hi-Res DLC Optimized. Download: Section: Baseline: Links: Nexus · F - Conflicting.

22 Feb Step reccomends the Bethesda Hi-Res DLC Optimized. Is it possible to use Tonys Optimized Vanilla Textures instead? My main worry is that it. The file Bethesda Hi-Res DLC Optimized is a modification for The Elder V: Skyrim created by Vano89 It's a higly modified version of official texture pack, that . There's also the Bethesda Hi-Res DLC Optimized at Nexus. Which one should I use, or should I use both? Your time is much appreciated.

19 May I don't use it . there are better alternatives anyway. The Bethesda textures are not optimized, so they take up more space than necessary. 15 Feb Why do people even bother using Bethesda's high res packs? they do is just upscale everything, leading to ridiculously high GB files and bad optimization. . I got 20Gb of textures/graphics mods and 56Gb of texture DLC. I don't use MO, but I use the Hi-Res texture pack and the optimized versions as well. From what I understand, whether or not you need to keep.


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