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Causes of unemployment in pakistan

12 Jan We have tried our best to point out some of the major causes of unemployment in Pakistan and as well as solutions as under: Causes of Unemployment in Pakistan: Growth of Population: Poor Education System: Violence and Terror Activities: Energy Crisis: High Age of Retirement: Afghans Refugees. 10 Dec Six Causes Of Unemployment In Pakistan. Supply is More than Demand. Pakistan has a high population rate, % of this population falls under Urban, where as the remaining % is Rural population. Lack of Foreign Direct Investment. Fuel for the fire. Educate to proliferate. Disrupt the Corrupt. Merit over Nepotism. 27 Oct Causes of Unemployment in Pakistan: Growth of population. Poor Education System. Violence and terror Activity. Energy Crises. High Age of retirement.

25 May Why is it that a considerable proportion of our youth is currently unemployed? There are several reasons behind it that must be analysed first. 21 Oct A Few Reasons of Growing Unemployment in Pakistan. Unemployment is one of the biggest problems of Pakistan. That person is unemployed. 6 Jun Major causes of unemployment in Pakistan, which measures are needed to take over come unemployment in PK.

4 Jan Agenda: Introduction Factors of Unemployment Unemployment Rate in Pakistan Suicide Cases By Unemployment Causes of Unemployment. 10 Apr Reasons for growing unemployment in Pakistan Unemployment is one of the biggestproblems of Pakistan. That person isunemployed who has. 16 May According to few surveys, there are about 2 million people are unemployed in Pakistan which really dangerous sign for Pakistanis. This new.


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