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9 Mar CreationException: Unable to create injector, see the following errors: 1) Error injecting constructor, msfenton.comctMethodError: controllers. I'm tying to inject into PUBG however it gives me an error that Kerneldll is not found. How to Fix Kerneldll Errors: The kerneldll error could be a fluke. 1- First run the game. (DONT OPEN Injector) 2- In game Main Menu Run injector as administrator. And inject the dll 3- Enter a game 4- Wait at Spawn.

If you get an error, while injecting (Failed to inject DLL), do this. and when it says "Injector has started Press OK" or something like that just run A.v.A. 4:Vote on. 2 Jan The problem is very probably in some of the configuration you haven't shown. It would also be good if you posted the error you're getting. It might be something. 9 Jun I recently upgraded to , and it started giving me this error -. Code (Text): initChannel( [].

31 Aug i made a video if u cant fix it just leave a comment and I'll get back to you and I will help you to fix the problem =). 21 Jun [ ERROR]: Could not load 'plugins\' in folder 'plug ins' msfenton.comdPluginException: 11 Aug This error is thrown to indicate that the application's stack was exhausted, Finally, the StackOverflowError exists since the version of Java.


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