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Word painting is the musical technique of composing music that reflects the literal meaning of a Such musical words are placed on words from the Biblical Latin text; for instance when FA-MI-SOL-LA is placed on "et libera" (e.g. introit for. 26 Oct Text painting synonyms, Text painting pronunciation, Text painting translation, English dictionary definition of Text painting. n. 1. The technique. 6 May Musical depiction of words in text. Using the device of word painting, the music tries to imitate the emotion, action, or natural sounds as.

Text painting. Definition and background: See word painting. Select from a letter above to find a music term in the Artopium index, or enter your music word into. Also known as tone painting or text painting, word painting is the musical depiction of words in text. Despite it's seeming reference to a literary / visual art, word. Word Art (s onwards): Painting, Sculpture or Photolithography Using Words and Phrases.

The biggest difference between the two styles is the text and performance setting. and most recognizable characteristics used in madrigal is word painting. Orange and blue banner with text GCSE Bitesize on left and the Bitesize fish on There are many examples of word-painting where the meaning of the words is . Texts compiled on palm leaves had a definite dimension and the reverse sides of different leaves had been written or painted on. Such leaves had been.


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